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Our YouTube Channel

You can learn more of our products through Our YouTube Channel, and here is one of our videos.

Our video provide clear instructions on all variety of our products. Including; cloning, fixed code remote controls, WiFi light control, fan control and etc.

Home Accessories

We offer variety of home accessories including Wireless Doorbell, Wireless Fan Switch, Wireless Wall Switch, WiFi Switch.

We believe smart home is a universal right for humanity. Thus, we are offering extremely economical Smart Home products.

Remote Controls

We are one of the leading Remote Control manufacturer and designer, it is universal, stable, fashionable and economical.

Our products are RF 433 MHz, but we also offer 315 MHz and 868 MHz if your order quantity is above 2000pcs.

Remote Control Switch

Our Remote Control Switch is among one of the best. It is stable, economical and popular.

We've been selling Remote Control Switch for more than 3 years. Our technical support team is well trained and familiar with our product. We can 100% guarantee our customers' interest.

DIY Parts

Apart from consumer goods, we also distribute our secondary goods to our competitor for re-casing.

We might not be the best product casing designer, but we are definitely one of the best on the technical field.

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